Curriculum Vitae


Born on 29.11.1948 in Vienna

Professional Life and Politics

  • Since 3rd of June 2019
    Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice Republic of Austria
       •  2014-2019
          „Hans Kelsen Professur“ at the Department of Legal Philosophy at  
          the University of Vienna

       •  1998-2003
          Chairman of the Historical Commission of the Republic of Austria

       •  1993-2013
          President of the Supreme Administrive Court Austria

       •  1991-1993
          Vice-president of the Supreme Administrive Court Austria

       •  1989-1991
          Directorate General for „Central Administration of Personnel“ at the
          Federal Chancellery Austria

       •  1978-1989
          Directorate for Constitutional Service at the Federal Chancellery

       •  1975-1978
          University Assistant, Vienna University of Economics and Business,             afterwards Institute of Public and Administrative Law

       •  1974-1975
          Contract Employee at the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs Austria

       •  1972-1973
          National Service, afterwards Court Practice

       •  1967-1972
          Studies of Law, University of Vienna