Combating Corruption

Coordination Body for Combating Corruption

By Ministerial Council Decision of 29. January 2013, the Federal Government has formally established the Coordination Body for Combating Corruption in the Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice. The Coordination Body for Combating Corruption plays a coordinating role in prevention of and fight against corruption. Furthermore, it takes care of information exchange on national and international developments and initiatives regarding the fight against corruption, such as the development of a national anti-corruption agenda.

The Coordination Body for Combating Corruption consists of permanently contributing members of all Federal Ministries, the Länder, the Austrian Associations of Towns and Municipalities, the Economic Chamber, the Public Service Union, the Union of Municipal Employees, the Public Prosecutor's Office against Corruption, the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption, and the Austrian Chapter of Transparency International. The presentation on the Ministerial Council 174/16 on the establishment of the Coordination Body for Combating Corruption can be found in the margin under “Downloads”.

Austria has been part of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) since 1. December 2006, which by now consists of 49 states (all 47 members of the Council of Europe as well as the United States of America and Belorussia). Additionally, Austria has ratified both the Criminal and Civil Law Conventions on Corruption of the Council of Europe (CETS Nr. 173 and 174).

GRECO evaluates based on the principle of “peer reviews” with mutual observation and assessment by experts from other member states. This evaluation takes place in multiple, thematically structured evaluation rounds, where the observance and implementation of the legal instruments issued by the Council of Europe and the standards developed by GRECO are monitored.